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If you’re passionate about promoting the equal rights of persons with disabilities, we’d like to hear from you!

How You Can Support Us

How We Can Support You

  • If you’re an employer we can help you ensure that your workplace complies with national and international disability law, and advise on the benefits of managing an accessible and diverse workplace. We can provide training to your existing staff, assess your workplace for accessibility and refer suitably qualified PWD applicants for vacant positions.
  • If you’re a school we can advise on how to include children with disabilities in your mainstream classes, advise on how to make your premises more accessible and train your teachers in how to manage children with different kinds of disability alongside their peers.
  • If you’re a service provider we can provide sensitivity training on dealing with disabled clients and customers, conduct an accessibility audit of your premises and advise on adaptations that can be made. We can organize displays and presentations by our talented Young Voices members, including dance performances, sports demonstrations and musical recitals.
  • If you’re an NGO, charity, non-profit or community leader and you share our goal of creating a more equal and enabling society for PWDs then we can explore the possibility of establishing a mutually beneficial partnership to better enable both of our organizations to achieve our shared vision.
  • If you’re a PWD we can provide you with information, training and advice to support you in living independently and achieving your full potential as an active member of the community in which you live. In return we ask that you participate with us in our advocacy work, pass on your knowledge to others and make sure that the voices of PWDs are heard!

For more information, email [email protected] or call (+63) 374 8889.