Resources for PWDs

At LCDPFI  we believe that all employment opportunities should be open to anyone who has the right skills and qualifications to do the job. PWDs can insist on availing of this opportunity citing their right to employment as pronounced in various local and international laws, and more and more PWDs are now being aware of their right to work and making the move to ensure that this right is recognized by others, especially employers. However, we are also aware that applying for a job can seem like a huge challenge for a PWD, so these resources serves as an online module intended to help PWDs take the steps they need to getting hired.

  1. Self Assessment
  2. Job Seeking (Finding Job Openings)
  3. Basic Terminologies
  4. Application (Responding to Job Openings)
  5. Writing a Resume
  6. The Job Interview
  7. After the Interview
  • Our Services
  • Useful Links
  • More Tips

More Tips

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