Other Services and Activities

These activities are  done in connection with our core programs.

We also participate in the Cheshire International Intern Placement Scheme (CHIIPS), through which we receive interns from the UK for a six month exchange of information, experiences and ideas. Past interns have included occupational and physio therapists, and fundraising and economic empowerment specialists.

We welcome individuals and professionals who wish to contribute their time and expertise with people with disabilities. Volunteers may support our activities as training facilitators, resource persons, lecturers in the civil service review sessions, mentors, coach, documenters, and even program hosting.

Disability Sensitivity Trainings
We conduct Disability Sensitivity Trainings to raise awareness and better understanding of disability both as a concept and as a reality. Companies, government agencies, groups and organization benefit much from understanding people with disabilities and learning to deal with them in the workplace and in all social spaces. Specific to companies, sensitivity trainings enable them to understand disability laws and make reasonable accommodations to create a disability- inclusive workplace.

Accessibility Audits
Is your office accessible to people with disabilities? LCDPFI can help you determine that by conducting an assessment of your building based on the requirements of the Accessibility Law with the help of our partner experts. You not only become compliant to the law, you also help promote inclusive workplaces.

Trainings are at the heart of our programs. We train people with disabilities to hone their skills needed to make them more self-reliant in their schools, communities and workplaces. We also endeavor to train their families, their communities, their government leaders, their employers and their colleagues to become partners in empowering people with disabilities.

If you are interested in any of these services, please call our landline number at 374-8889 and ask to speak with any of our staff.