What we do:

Our Vision, Mission and Values Statement


LCDPFI envisions an inclusive, barrier-free, and rights-based society for all, where persons with disabilities are empowered citizens in their communities and actively participating in social and economic development.


1. To promote and protect the rights of every Filipino with Disabilities
2. To promote and help attain an inclusive, barrier-free, and rights-based society for all
3. To create opportunities for PWDs to become self-reliant and attain their full potential as an individual and productive members of society.


Core Values
Compassion towards PWDs
Integrity and Honesty
Commitment to the mission and vision of LCDPF
Respect for the individuality and abilities of PWDs
Collaboration with partners for the benefit of PWDs
Harmony among co-workers and with other stakeholders


Our Core Programs

The LCD Philippines Foundation has three core programs:

  1. Inclusive Education
  2. Economic Empowerment 
  3. Young Voices


Other Services and Activities

  • CHIIPS – We also participate in the Cheshire International Intern Placement Scheme (CHIIPS), through which we receive interns from the UK for a six month exchange of information, experiences and ideas. Past interns have included occupational and physio therapists, and fundraising and economic empowerment specialists.