Economic Empowerment

Training at the Makati Shangri La hotelThe LCD Philippines Economic Empowerment Program (EE) is a project that seeks to enable PWDs to overcome the barriers they face
and achieve economic independence by offering access to job information, training, support and advice services.

We also engage in advocacy and campaigning projects to increase public awareness of the issues facing PWDs when trying to enter
employment, to educate employers and challenge common prejudices, and to promote compliance with national and international disability law.

There are two main strands to our work:

  • Employment – We aim to assist PWDs to enter waged employment by providing skills training at various levels, access to job information from PWD friendly employers and careers counseling services.
  • Business Development – We aim to assist PWDs to set up their own small businesses by providing Entrepreneurship Training and help and advice in accessing microfinance schemes.

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