Do you have an interest in disability, development or social work? Are you a rehabilitation therapist or medical professional? Or perhaps you are a great communicator, marketer or fundraiser? And if you are an organization that hires therapists or medical workers you might want to offer your services or partner with LCDPF in some areas of our activities?

If you or your organization believes that your skills and experience could be of benefit to LCDPF and are willing and able to give up your time to help persons with disabilities in the Philippines, then perhaps you could consider becoming a volunteer or partner. If you are a UK national you could partake in the formal Cheshire International Internship Programme (CHIIPS), which places volunteers for a fixed period (usually 6 months) in therapeutic or development/office based position. We also welcome community based volunteers who usually undertake basic therapeutic and inclusive education training and there is no need for you to have previous medical or therapist based experience. Most of our community based volunteers are parents, teachers or administrators who have a strong willingness to help others in their community.

Volunteering or partnering with LCDPF is a two-way process. Giving your time will enable us to increase the successes of our work with and for persons with disabilities. In return you will learn more about disability and development focused programmes (community based rehabilitation, inclusive education etc) enabling you to grow in whichever area of expertise you choose to contribute.

For further details about CHIIPS please click here to visit the Leonard Cheshire International website

If you are interested in community based volunteer opportunities please contact us at 374-8889.